Rogue Barrel II

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Our second release barrel-aged gin, in collaboration with Wolf of the Willows Brewing.

Summer Thyme Gin has been rested in French oak for six months. The barrel’s rogue history includes ageing a Chardonnay, a Brett Saison beer, our 2019 Rogue Barrel Gin and more recently a Kettle Sour Blonde Ale, before coming back to us for Rogue Barrel II.

Rogue Barrel II is complex, textured and loaded with warming layers of spice, citrus and juniper.

ABV: 49% // 500ml

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About the barrel

The 200L French Oak barrel was first used to age Chardonnay in country Victoria, then a Brett Saison beer at Wolf of the Willows Brewing. Following on, we used it to age our first Rogue Barrel release in 2019. After this, it was sent back to Wolf of the Willows and filled with a tropical Kettle Sour Blonde Ale for six months. Finally in late 2020 it was once again filled with our Summer Thyme Gin. After six months ageing, we have Rogue Barrel II.

Tasting notes

Warming layers of spice, citrus and juniper. A smooth, rich mouthfeel and earthy nose complete the picture.


Steeped: Juniper berries, coriander seeds, orris root, angelica root, cardamom, cubeb pepper, tonka beans.

Vapour infused: fresh lemons, fresh thyme.

Barrel aged in oak.


A sipping gin best enjoyed neat or in stirred down cocktails. Try an Old Fashioned or Martinez.


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