Melbourne Dry

Summer Thyme



Patient Wolf flows from a contemporary interpretation of Gin distilling. The crucial mix of attitude, insight, knowledge, native and exotic botanicals, citrus, pure Australian water and our innovative distilling process define our Gin. As new guardians of cocktail culture, heritage, flavour and distilling, we endeavour to create modern-classics that aim to inspire.

We hope you dig it – Matt and Dave.


Born from a belief that well-crafted and considered things have no fear of time. Quality things. Original. Hand-crafted. Defined. Measured. Made with equal parts expertise and attitude.  It takes considerable effort to realise them, and it takes even more to critique and refine. But they’re worth waiting for.


We believe in a new wave of unrestrained craft-led influence that respects tradition yet challenges the future. That blend of old and new is best typified by our handmade, 220L Müller copper still, custom built in Germany.


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