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The Art of Crafting the Perfect Gin and Tonic

A step-by-step guide to making the classic cocktail with a modern twist

The Gin and Tonic is a timeless cocktail that has recently seen a rise in popularity. Patient Wolf Distilling Co., at the forefront of this revolution, combines tradition with innovation to craft the perfect Gin and Tonic. This guide celebrates the heritage of this iconic cocktail and explores how a modern twist can elevate it to new heights 

Understanding the Foundations: The Classic Gin and Tonic

Before diving into the modern twists, it’s crucial to appreciate the basics of a classic Gin and Tonic. The key lies in the balance of flavours – the juniper-led punch of the gin harmonising with the quinine sharpness of the tonic. For the perfect base, select a high-quality Australian gin that offers a distinctive flavour profile.


  • 50ml Patient Wolf Australian Gin (any will work!)
  • 100ml premium tonic water (we like CAPI, Strangelove or Fevertree)
  • Lots of Ice (be generous with ice, this will ensure the drink doesn’t dilute quickly)
  • Garnish with a slice of ruby grapefruit, orange or lemon.


  • Fill your glass with ice cubes to the brim.
  • Pour in the Patient Wolf Australian Gin.
  • Slowly add the tonic water to preserve its fizz.
  • Gently stir.
  • Garnish, and you’re set!

Adding a Modern Twist

Now, let’s add a contemporary spin to this classic cocktail. A modern Gin and Tonic is all about personalisation and playing with flavours. Experiment with different garnishes, tonics, and infusions to create a signature drink reflecting your palate.

Experiment with Garnishes

Garnishes can transform the aroma and taste of your Gin and Tonic. Besides traditional citrus, get creative and try adding herbs like rosemary, basil or thyme or fruits like grapefruit or strawberries for a unique twist – we suggest always reading what the Gin you’re using has been infused with and using this as the garnish! These ingredients will complement the botanicals in Australian Gin best.

Choose Your Tonic Carefully

Infuse your Gin and Tonic with homemade syrups or botanicals. Infusions like lavender, cucumber, or even pepper can add an unexpected but delightful dimension to your cocktail. These are pretty straightforward to make at home by making a simple syrup (50:50 sugar & hot water) and then adding your infusion ingredient, letting it simmer and cool down completely before adding it to your Gin & Tonic.

The Patient Wolf Twist

At Patient Wolf., innovation is key. Here’s how to make our signature Summer Thyme  Gin and Tonic that showcases the unique characteristics of our Australian Gin


  • 50ml Patient Wolf Australian Gin (we love Summer Thyme Gin for this one)
  • 100ml Mediterranean tonic water (we recommend FeverTree)
  • LOTS of ice!
  • Fresh thyme 
  • A slice of lemon or lemon peel


  • Fill a highball glass with ice.
  • Pour in the Patient Wolf Australian Gin.
  • Add fresh thyme.
  • Top up with Mediterranean tonic water.
  • Garnish with a slice of lemon for a citrusy note.

This recipe is best used with our most awarded Summer Thyme Gin, which is vapour infused in our Mueller Copper Still with lemon and thyme.

The Importance of Quality Ingredients

The quality of ingredients is paramount in creating the perfect Gin and Tonic. Always use fresh garnishes and high-quality tonic water. The star of the show, however, is the gin itself. Ar Patient Wolf Australian Gin, our carefully selected botanicals and meticulous distilling process ensure a premium base for your cocktail.

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Crafting the perfect Gin and Tonic is an art that balances tradition with modern creativity. By starting with a high-quality base our Patient Wolf Australian Gin, and experimenting with different garnishes, tonics, and infusions, you can elevate this classic, simple cocktail to new heights. Whether you prefer the timeless simplicity of the classic recipe or the adventurous spirit of a modern twist, the journey of crafting the perfect Gin and Tonic is as enjoyable as the drink itself.


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