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Melbourne Dry Gin paired with Long Rays Tonic for a light, refreshing gin and tonic premix. You’ll find juniper, citrus and quinine notes in perfect balance, with less sugar and a clean, dry finish.

A collaboration across two states to bring you the best gin and tonic cans in Australia.

During a long winter of lockdown, we got busy crafting the best premix gin and tonic can possible. We partnered with our friends at LongRays to create summer in a can. The result is a perfect G&T. Light, refreshing, and summer ready.

Melbourne Dry Gin

Our flagship gin is big, bold and complex, yet is incredibly smooth and balanced. Bright citrus of ruby grapefruit and fresh juniper are delicately balanced with subtle spice of aniseed myrtle, cubeb pepper, and tonka beans. A perfectly balanced gin.

Long Rays Tonic

Long Rays Tonic enhances the flavour profile of your G&T by complementing, rather than competing with our gin. Light and made with natural ingredients, it leaves a clean, dry finish to allow the essential oils of our gin to shine through. Lemon Myrtle provides a natural touch of sweetness, while Tasmanian Mountain Pepper perfectly balances out the quinine to create a lighter, modern tonic.

4-Pack: 4 x 250ml | Case: 24 x 250ml

5.5% ABV | 1.2 Standard Drinks per can | 3g/100ml sugar.

Local Pickup available from the Southbank distillery during opening hours Wednesday– Sunday. Be sure to select Local Pickup at checkout.


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