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Sipping in Symphony: Our Journey with the Jaime Martín Martini

So, you think you know your way around a Martini? Think again, because Melbourne’s own musical maestro, Jaime Martín, is shaking things up with a secret so salty, it involves an anchovy stuffed olive! That’s right, we’re diving deep into the world of Martinis, and spilling the juniper berries in our most recent collaboration with our longstanding friends and partners at the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) – the Jaime Martín Martini!

What’s The Scoop?

Jaime Martín, Chief Conductor of the MSO, with his Spanish flair and fondness for all things musical, has concocted a Martini that’s as Melbourne as a laneway graffiti and as Spanish as a flamenco dancer. Collaborating on Jaime’s own bespoke Martini was a natural choice, especially given the Martini is his favourite drink and we are the official Gin Partner of the MSO. Our teams got together and sat down to watch the magic unfold in what cannot be considered a ‘work’ day for most.

Our team ran Jaime through a mini masterclass (see below Distiller Jordan running Jaime through our bespoke copper Mueller Still) and then the cocktail creation process begun, combining all the ingredients in differing variations and amounts and picking the perfect garnish – of course, an anchovy stuffed olive.

The Final Mix

With our Melbourne Dry Gin as the star of the show, Jaime’s Martini began to take shape. Adding a splash of Australian producer, Maidenii’s Dry Vermouth and a hint of Oloroso Sherry from Spain (sherry not being a traditional Martini ingredient but speaks to Jaime’s Spanish roots).

Garnished with an anchovy stuffed olive, the Martini is bright, crisp, and aromatic. It’s robust, full bodied yet incredibly smooth.

Big Reveal

But what’s a Martini without a little music, right? Bridging the gap between cocktails and culture with our exclusive cocktail launch party!

Joined by Guest Artist, Mezzo Soprano Raehann Bryce-Davis, Jaime Martín, and PW founder Dave, we launched the Martini with an evening of conversation and cocktails to talk through everything music and martini! Because let’s face it, whether you’re sipping on a Martini or swaying to the sounds of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, life is all about those high notes. The evening marked the launch of our second in the MSO Chief Conductor range for bottled cocktails but also celebrated our longstanding partnership with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Patient Wolf and MSO partnership

It’s been nearly 4 years as the Official Gin Partner of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and what fun it’s been. From serving up spritzes at secret symphonies and creating bespoke bottled cocktails like this one – it’s been an exciting journey.

As an urban gin distillery, it only makes sense we partner with cultural Melbourne icons like the MSO, Arts Centre & Formula 1! We are Melbourne’s Gin after all, located right in the thick of it in Southbank.

Each year in November, we are lucky enough to lock in a quartet and enjoy a night of gin and music at the Patient Wolf Distillery. Make sure you’re subscribed to our mailing list to get tickets to this sell-out event come November. Trust us, cocktail and music events are where it’s at!

Wrap-Up and Cheers

Looking back on our journey with the Jaime Martín Martini, we’re so thankful for the chance to team up with Jaime and the MSO. Together, we have created a cocktail that celebrates the beauty of Melbourne, the richness of Spanish culture, and the magic of music.

Why not experience the Jaime Martín Martini for yourself?


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