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Introducing Pink Lake Gin – A Savoury Alternative To Pink Gin

In a realm where pink often signals sugary sweetness, Pink Lake Gin stands boldly as a testament to the unexpected. Inspired by Australia’s iconic pink salt lakes, this limited-edition pink gin offers a departure from the norm. It’s not just any pink gin—it’s a celebration of savoury delights, wrapped in the distinctive hue of our nation’s landscape.

A Splash of Pink, A Symphony of Flavours

From the coastal splendour of Esperance to the expanse of Lake Eyre, Australia’s pink salt lakes captivate with their rosy allure. Now, that captivating essence has been bottled in Pink Lake Gin. With each sip, one embarks on a journey through the diverse terrain of our continent—a journey that celebrates the savoury, the briny, and the unmistakably Australian.

At its core, Pink Lake Gin is infused with the essence of our pink salt lakes. Distilled through the renowned pink lake salt sourced from Mount Zero, this gin offers a savoury twist on the classic pink gin. It’s a celebration of the untamed, the earthy, and the uniquely Australian.

Crafted with Care, Savoured with Joy

The transformation from pink lake to pink gin is a tale of craftsmanship and passion. Mount Zero, revered for its olives, provides the pink salt that infuses each bottle with its distinct savoury flavour. Sourced from the salt lake just kilometres away from the olive grove, this salt is a tribute to the natural abundance of our land.

With its blend of zesty citrus, earthy spice, and subtle salinity, this pink gin transports the senses to the heart of Australia’s pink salt lakes.

Preferred Sips: How We’re Enjoying Pink Lake Gin

The PW crew has unanimously crowned it as our go-to for Dirty Martinis. After all, it’s a tribute to our distiller Jordan, who has an undeniable love for his signature Dirty Martini. See our Pink Lake Martini recipe here.

Designed to complement Martinis, this gin is best served in savoury style drinks. Its light salt character enhances other flavours, adding a twist to classic cocktails. It’s equally at home in a G&T with orange and olives, thanks to the delicate floral characters from the hibiscus and lavender. Or, for a unique twist, try our Pink Lake Spritz featuring gin, sparkling wine, and dry ginger ale, which beautifully plays off the savoury, spicy notes of the gin.

Get Your Pink Fix Today

Don’t miss your chance to experience the allure of Pink Lake Gin. Available in limited quantities, this pink gin is a must-have for any spirits enthusiast or adventurous palate. So, raise a glass and toast to the vibrant hues and bold flavours of Australia’s pink salt lakes—cheers to Pink Lake Gin!


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